Wow. What a year.

As we near the end of 2020, I hope you and your people are feeling as well and settled as can be.

We’re very fortunate to be here in New Zealand, and I’m feeling especially grateful that I am able to keep coming to markets to share my natural artisan perfumes.

Here in Raglan I have been working away on a few news scents, as well as a couple of secret projects that I’ll reveal in the new year… meanwhile here are some details on what’s new here at Juniper Perfume.


A while back we added ELK to the collection. Elk is a warm resinous scent that evokes strength and the open wild. Created with the intention of embodying nature’s masculine, it combines an assortment of soft, woody mosses, rich leather-like absolutes and sweet hay notes to create a fragrance with gentle stability and resilience.

Key notes: Labdanum, Tobacco, Tree Moss

Atmosphere: mossy-animalic, leather, warm

LAI — new for summer 20/21

A song to awaken deep feeling, Lai is double entendres, warm nights and seduction wrapped in soft white.

An entwining of twos, twin jasmine wraps around a seductive javanese vetiver. Softened by a sweet drydown of tonka & vanilla beans & peaking with a gasp of citrus & wild pepper.

Key notes; javanese vetiver, twin jasmine, vanilla bean, wild pink peppercorn

Atmosphere; modern floral, double entendres, warm nights

lai ;a medieval type of lyric poem revived in the 17th century and composed in unsymmetrical couplets each sung to its own melody

Lei; a wreath or necklace usually of flowers or leaves

Lay; to put or place in a horizontal position; to set down

I’ll be adding Lai to the site this week.

ARTIO – I’ve decided to continue making Artio after securing another batch of one of it’s essential ingredients, much to the delight of a few close friends of mine.

Coming soon…

Full sample set

I’ve been meaning to create a full sample set for a while. I’ve transitioned to using a different type of sample bottle – I never really like the ones with the little wands, but felt it would be wasteful not to use them! Now I have some very cute little bottles that make the perfume easy to apply. The full set includes one of each of the 6 scents, with a little note on how to sample slow, and a ‘menu’ of key notes and intended atmospheres. I’ll be adding these to the online shop this week too. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy what’s left of 2020.

Warm, summery wishes to you!