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Here at Juniper Perfume we craft our products with love, attention and care. As perfume is such a subjective, personal experience, we can’t guarantee you’ll love every one. That being said, we really want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you have any problems, please let us know.

All of our perfumes are hand blended and bottled, and many of the ingredients are sourced in limited batches from suppliers overseas. For this reason you may notice some subtle scent differences, as we make little changes for each edition. For us, this is one way artisan products are so special, so we encourage you to embrace any slight variations in your favourite fragrance, and celebrate your perceptive nose. Whilst specific ingredients may differ, the root concept of the scent will remain central to the blend.

comments from our customers

“I got some perfume as a birthday gift from my dad this year. I loved it. It has no chemicals and isn’t over powering”  – Heather B

“I purchased the samples and I actually just can’t decide which one I love the most!!” – Shannon G

“I love the originality of the scents and the thought and care that you put into making them. 10/10 recommend to all my friends.” – Kalina M

“I love them so much. I got the sample pack and have such a good time choosing my scent for the day. I love how long they last, how gentle they are and the variety available. They feel great on my skin and everyone always says how fresh and lovely I smell!” – Camille H

“They smell amazing!” – Tesh R

“The best quality perfumes, very refreshing and delicious! I bought one a few weeks back at the Raglan Markets and I’m so pleased with it! ” – Alice G

“I adore my Juniper perfume fragrances! Each one cleverly crafted to create its own atmosphere. I was so torn as to which one to choose, (an individual signature fragrance) then realised I could have more than one, ha ha so I chose three. When I wear Sonder with its Woodsmoke, Juniper Berry and Black pine I truly feel transported to my childhood playground of the bush behind our house. The florals of Aurele have another a memory from my early teens of elegant classical Oriental fragrances. Elk ‘s soft moss tobacco fragrances speak calm and stability to me. Each of these fragrances is completely different. I wear them individually and sometimes combined, always with positive comments – but more importantly a strengthened sense of self. Thank you Juniper for these exquisitely blended oils!” – Margot


Zinna – Wainui Road, Raglan 

Made Gallery – Bow Street, Raglan 

Whaingaroa iHub – Wainui Road, Raglan

Earth’s Pantry – Whangamata (webshop)

If you are interested in stocking Juniper products in your store or online shop, please email Amy via contact@juniperperfume.com for more information and wholesale pricing. Thank you!

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Made in Raglan, New Zealand

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