Eternal Self

The Rasha Technology

The Rasha is the world’s only public sector Base-12 infrasound, scalar morphogenetic technology that communicates to the intron DNA in order to achieve Consciousness-Coherence.

The Rasha is capable of unblocking and reprogramming the morphogenetic fields of the epigenetic overlay, which is the artificial, chemical sheath on the DNA that signals what genes to turn on or off, as well as how to sequence.

The Rasha utilizes Base-12 hydro-acoustic technologies and mathematics that creates an ionic buffer field within our Density-1 body structure and harnesses and refracts back any harmful electromagnetic and reverse infrasound frequencies transmitted to our bodies.

With every RASHA Upgrade you are experiencing Quantum Level Physics in the most advanced state. Eternal Life, Base-12 frequencies are delivered via the RASHA to your own personal Morphogenetic Eternal Field and atmosphere to assist in reclaiming true manifestation, materialization and self-healing.