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We treat students individually for what they require. Groups and private one-on-one teaching available. For kids, teenagers and adults.

We focus on self-reflection in order to produce something unique to your hand … experimental approaches to free the mind from traditional avenues.

Whether you want to try something new or be taken further in your practice, you’ve come to the right place!



Our team includes mentors holding academic recognition in fine art (*citation), cinema and literature. Collectively we posses more than 68 years of experience in the arts field. 

Elisabeth Denis

I’m an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on relational aesthetics, conceptual and social (community orientated) arts who dedicates most of her time to literature (creative writing and reading), filmmaking and ceramics. The interdisciplinary aspect of my work comes to life when crossroads are created for mediums to meet. 

Marten Ten Broek

I am an an artist and an educator, amongst other things. I have concurrent streams of work in a range of media, with thirty years of relentless practice. Recent work processes I am engaged in are painting, hammerforging steel and iron cutters, tools and knives, making and keeping bonsai, some ceramics, lots of drawing. In earlier iterations i have written,performed and recorded a few albums of music.

Dyana Wells

What I am noticing with my current experimenting is I am remembering my childhood, the feeling of cutting and glueing and shaping, and the concentrated delight and absorption in my tasks. The pleasure of competence and just being amongst the textures of my materials. Parts of me that had been forgotten are being reclaimed and re-membered.