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Awaken your senses to subtle magic



Made with high quality fragrant materials gathered from sustainable, reputable sources & organic golden jojoba oil, Juniper Perfumes linger close to the skin, for an intimate, natural scent. 

scent stories cocreated with nature


decadence in a timeless dance with nature’s fragrant famous and a powder room of rich sultry florals

inspired by: tradition, bohemia, velvet curtains, Cheek to Cheek by Ella & Louis

scent profile: rich, slightly powdered & luxurious florals

key notes:
amber / jasmine / neroli / ylang yang

strange and beautiful fragrances

A deliciously fresh citrus introduction before a mingling of white lotus absolute and organic lavender.


new places and bright sweet florals, energising citrus and fresh salt air  

inspired by: white dresses, balinese offerings, citrus peel, cut grass, homemade lemonade

scent profile: a light & lovely citrus sweet floral 

key notes
citrus / white lotus / lavender / violet leaf

blended with reverence to nature


the pine forest at dusk, bigger picture thinking, quiet spaciousness & bonfires alone.

inspired by: starlight, home, Herman Hesse, solo wanderings, childhood dens

scent profile: smoky woods with a slip of lemon

key notes
wood smoke / pine /  juniper berry

precious natural ingredients to move you


the silience of the open wild captured in rich resins, moss and wind 

inspired by: my great grandfather’s buro, gentle giants, open spaces, my husband

scent profile: sweet hay, mossy-animalic, soft woods

key notes:
chypre / tree moss / tobacco /  lavender absolute

Frequently Asked Questions

how natural are your ingredients?

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How do I choose the right perfume for me?

Use our descriptions as a guide. Our samples are the perfect way to make certain which perfumes suit your moods.

does my skin type matter?

We all have an ‘olfactory fingerprint’, which is unique to us. Our choices are often made based on our life’s experiences, which get captured in our smell memory. Just as we may prefer certain foods or music or art, we will choose scents which we find pleasing based on those memories.

What is the difference between perfume/scent/fragrance?

They are all words used to describe the wonderful world of smell, and the scented liquids (or balms) we apply to our bodies. Perfume comes from the Latin ‘per fumum’ which literally means “through smoke”. It originates from ancient times when people burned woods, resins and flowers as offerings to their gods. Perhaps our perfumes will enhance the goddess or god within you.